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Grain free & high protein dog food

Wolves are in a way the last guardians of a nature that humans want to dominate and transform to their image. But we still have to learn from the wolves and that is why, at Wolf’s Mountain, our goal is to keep up with the demands of nature and therefore of our animals.

Our philosophy

Wolves have a very important place in nature as guardians, preserving their habitat from the alterations and transformations that humans try to impose. This is a great example of the importance of respecting nature and learning from wildlife to maintain the balance of our environment.

Wolf’s Mountain was founded on ethical values: we respect our environment and work to preserve it. This applies to nature and the animals that surround us.

Meets their actual nutritional needs

Our carnivores need animal proteins

Preserves and strengthens their health

We choose high quality and non-toxic raw materials

Respects our environment without negative impact

No use of pesticides, fertilizers, hormones or GMOs

Our principles

For too long we have been feeding our dogs for profit without taking into account the real nutritional needs of our animals. That’s enough time wasted!

At Wolf’s Mountain, our principle is to select the best quality raw materials to be sure to provide and ensure the maximum nutritional benefits in our recipes. We carefully select our suppliers according to European legislation, one of the strictest in the world when it comes to food safety.

We trust our farmers for the quality of the meat coming from animals raised naturally and without hormones, raised in freedom and fed with non-GMO products; some animals (wild boar and deer) are even captured in the wild.

Quality of raw materials

At Wolf’s Mountain, we care deeply about the well-being and health of all dogs. That’s why we’ve developed a natural, balanced diet to meet their essential nutritional needs. Our recipes are high in animal protein, yet low in carbohydrates. This unique composition is suitable even for dogs with food sensitivities.

We carefully select our suppliers in accordance with European legislation

We select the best quality of our raw materials

Our recipes

Explore our line of premium dog food, which is formulated without grains to provide your canine companion with a healthy, balanced diet.

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